Songwriters Institute was founded by Award Winning & Platinum songwriter Carla Carter. Carla has worked with some of the biggest artist in the world! 

At Songwriters Institute, you'll learn everything from artist development, to audio production, to project management, to marketing and promotion from the world's top industry professionals! 


Songwriters Institute (SI) works with middle and high schoolers, teaching private lessons, hosting educational seminars, summer camps, industry panels and networking events.

We provide music education courses on industry leading hardware and software and serve as an outlet for students to unite, collaborate and have fun while learning real-life industry skills.


What We Do...

  • Storytelling Poetry

    Students Learn to express thoughts, emotions and stories through melody. In this program, songwriting is examined as both a process and a career path.

  • Vocal Performance Training

    Students are trained in the art of vocal performance, so they are fully prepared to amaze their future fans.

  • Vocal Arrangement

    Students explore how to create rich textures through two, three or four-part harmonies, and also learn how to organize and communicate creative ideas and present them in a clean, concise, professional format. 

  • Ear Training Techniques

    Students develop basic ear training skills through performance and dictation. We study melodies, intervals, and harmony as well as basic rhythms in the most common meters.

  • Chord Progressions

    This aspect offers a foundation in keyboard and piano playing specifically for songwriters. Students work with scales and major and minor triads with attention to emotional tone and compositional color. 

  • Creative Direction

    Students receive experienced guidance and creative direction to help form their personal style and talents.

  • Branding

    SI assist students in identifying their creative direction and developing it into a personal brand. 

  • Mentorship

    Experienced guidance helps students increase their skill set quicker and develop more defined areas of expertise.

  • Etiquette

    Students learn studio etiquette. Proper behavior is encouraged and a certain amount of decorum is always expected.