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  • Songwriters Institute Program Alumni Students

WHAT’S The Curriculum?

  • Songwriting

    Learn to express your thoughts, emotions and stories in your own songs so that others really feel and understand what you want to say in your music. You will learn to develop your own authentic and unique songwriting style so that your sound is recognizable and desirable. In this program, songwriting is examined as both a process and a career path.

  • Vocal Performance Training

    In order for an artist to succeed, there is no detail too small. I provide all means necessary to train artists in the art of vocal performance, so they are fully prepared to amaze their future fans.

  • Vocal Arrangement

    Explore how to create rich textures through two, three or four-part harmonies. Also learn how to organize and communicate creative ideas and present them in a clean, concise, professional format. Vocal arrangement addresses vocal writing in a number of contemporary styles from pop and R&B to jazz, rock and country. You will learn stylistic appropriateness with regards to harmony, rhythm, arrangement, and interpretation.

  • Ear Training Techniques

    Students develop basic ear training skills through performance and dictation. You will study melodies, intervals, and harmony as well as basic rhythms in the most common meters.

  • Chord Progressions

    This aspect offers a foundation in keyboard and piano playing specifically for songwriters. The student will work with scales, major and minor triads including inversions with attention to emotional tone and compositional color. This helps artists in their songwriting ability, regardless of previous experience.

  • Creative Direction

    Students receive creative direction and the training necessary to build upon their unique style and gifts. I help cultivate and grow the artists personal creative talents.

  • Branding

    I assist my students in both finding their personal creative direction and developing it into an image and brand. Every artist needs a brand to build a successful career.

  • Mentorship

    By developing a relationship with a more experienced and knowledgeable artist, my students have the ability to increase their skill set quicker and develop a more defined area of expertise.

  • Studio Etiquette

    When it comes to working in the studio proper behavior is important and a certain amount of decorum is expected. Students will learn studio etiquette and how to respect the person responsible for your sound.