Songwriters Institute Classes

Carla Carter Teaching 2016I teach songwriting in a supportive and inspirational environment. Songwriting lessons will focus on teaching students the process of creating original melodies, chords and lyrics. Piano or guitar will be the most common instruments used as an accompaniment. Each week, students perform practical exercises and write lyrics to strengthen their songwriting skills. The exercises are designed to broaden rhyming skills and add individuality and color to songs.

Learn to express your thoughts, emotions and stories in your own songs so that others really feel and understand what you want to say in your music. You will learn to develop your own authentic and unique songwriting style so that you have your own recognizable sound. In this class, songwriting is examined as both a process and a career path.

This program is built from the ground up to offer useful steps to give your songs the standout quality they need.

You’ll learn everything you need to take the music industry by storm:

  • How to connect with you audience using your lyrics
  • How to transform melodies and write chart topping hooks
  • Who to contact and how to go about putting your music in front of the right people
  • How to deal with writer’s block and supercharge your productivity