Diamond Mentoring Program / Private Lessons

The Diamond Mentoring Program is for highly motivated musicians who want to get the most out of one-on-one lessons.

Each session is 1 hour and structured based on the type of skills you want to learn and how experienced you are. The music industry can be a seriously difficult industry to approach, and often it can seem like the only way to get anywhere is by already being somewhere, paying tens of thousands of dollars, or just by being lucky.

The Diamond Mentoring Program can help alleviate this strain by offering industry hopefuls the best support available.

I leverage my own personal network of platinum record-selling songwriters, producers, and successful music industry executives so that this mentoring program can offer the best opportunity to boost your music career to new heights.

You’ll write songs, develop skills, get the feedback you need, and network with industry experts to find your sound.

Sign up now and learn everything you need to know about breaking into the music industry!
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I’m here to help you find your way into a competitive industry, but space is very limited, so entrance to this program is exclusive and by acceptance only. 

Email register@songwritersinstitute.com for consideration.