Level 1 Interactive Platinum Songwriting Program

Level 1
  • Completely new to performance.
  • No prior experience.
  • No prior formal training.
  • Core level training needed. 
  • Beginner vocal skills.
  • Beginner instrumental skills.
Students typically move to Level 2 after this introduction (depending on progress).

This is an interactive fun class to progress your songwriting/instrument skills. Students work in groups of 5 or less and compose, write, and arrange original material with my guidance and instruction. This class also covers basic business marketing and industry standards.

Each class is made up of 5 students or less so ACT FAST. Space is limited! 

Sessions are 1 hour

Once a week.

Minimum One Month Enrollment

1 month equals 4 classes

Classes are $100/month


**NOTICE** Once payment is accepted welcome packet along with contact and location information will be forwarded.