Here are a few things students have said about their experience...

Hey Carla, Just wanted to reach out one last time and thank you for a great semester. When I first sat down in class, I honestly did not have a clue how to write anything lyrically, and really appreciate all of the effort that you put into our class and pushing us to be better everyday.

I have grown so much in a short amount of time thanks to your ethics/guidance, and cant thank you enough!

Keep killing it,

-Cole A.

Hey Carla, Thank you for being my mentor this quarter. I've learned so much and I'm really at the place I wanted to be. Now I just gotta keep making music and have fun doing it! 
We will for sure stay in contact. I'll be in LA in September next year, so we can meet up, maybe even work on something together!
Thanks again!

-Maxim P. 

Hey Carla! I just wanna say, I'm really glad I had you as a teacher! If I wasn't forced to sing on my tracks, I would've never known I love writing! This class has really made me think and realize that songs that tell a story and that are from the heart, I think, are more powerful than talking about nonsense. I learned a lot about myself in your class. And for that, thank you so much.

-Dillon M.

Hey Carla!! I just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH for this amazing two quarters. I learned so much from you and also the vocal teacher u introduced that CHANGED MY LIFE. Helped my vocal develop so much. It was really a life changer!! Without your help my vocal wont be like today. Thank you so much I admire your attitude towards life and towards this music industry as well. I really look up to you as a role model and let me know if you need anything in the future or you need anyone to collab with you on music or etc. I will be there!! GHOST HUGs!!

-Kloxii L.

Hi Carla! I wanted to thank you personally for helping me grow in confidence and in songwriting this quarter! I appreciate every kind word you've sent and would love to learn more about the songwriting industry from you and would be excited at the possibility to work together! Thank you so much for a great quarter!

-Phil S.

Hey Carla! I just wanted to say I really enjoy your class a lot and it's awesome learning all these awesome techniques! I've definitely been practicing writing at home a lot since this class has started. Thank you for your time!

-DeAngelo H

Hey Carla!, I just wanted to thank you for all your words of wisdom. Songwriting was the biggest struggle for me. I am not a singer, but now feel confident enough to sing out ideas! Thanks for advising me to write everyday. I used to do stream of conscious writing years ago but stopped. After your class i started up again and its helping get through my day to day! I promise to continue to work on my vocal skills hahaha. THANKS CARLA!!!!

-Samuel B.

Hey Carla, I really appreciate your feedback on my songwriting assignments, you definitely showed me what to work on and not to complicate things! 

-Clayton B.

Hey Carla ! Great meeting you finally and your story was so inspiring! My mind had been questioning the different aspects of songwriting but just by hearing what your path to success was, clarity had been provided. As far as help during these last couple weeks, I did have a few things that I feel you may be able to guide me through or point me in the right direction. Before enrolling, I really had never written full length songs until the SongWriting 1 course. I had written hooks for several of my songs, but to go to the extent of multiple verses, pre's, hooks, and bridges; true songwriting had never been attempted. That being said, I have discovered a new burning desire for writing as I continue my career as an artist. After working with you, I now know that writing and working in the studio every day can lead to closed doors being opened. I have no doubt in my mind that writing will now forever be an essential part of my life, and I really would love to treat each continuous step with the utmost value as I persevere towards my vision as an Artist.

Thank you so much for your time and wisdom!


-Marty B.

Thank you so much for all the comments on the exercises and everything in general; I really, really appreciate all the feedback :)

-Marc C.-L.

Thank you for all your help this quarter Carla, I am so amazed at how much my song writing has not only developed but improved over the time of these 2 courses. Your feedback really helped each time and was insightful to what I was missing and for that I thank you. Thank you for everything!


Hey Carla, I really enjoyed this semester. I've come a long way from my comfort zone and have fun writing tracks. Hope to stay in touch. 

-Jay M.

Thank you for an amazing quarter Carla!! I feel like I learned so much with songwriting. Can't wait to use all that you taught us in the future! I'm ready to kick a**! THANK YOU!

-Haley G.

Thanks so much for the knowledge this quarter! It will help me for the rest of my career.

-Travis T.

Hey Carla! Thank you for everything you've taught me. Songwriting is a crucial, yet sometimes overlooked aspect of creating catchy songs. Before I attended your class, I had a simple idea of how a song should be arranged, but now, I feel like I can confidently construct a song. Thank you for all of your help!

- Brock